Wedding dress: how to choose a neckline for small breasts?

Wedding dress: how to choose a neckline for small breasts?

Date: Dec 28, 2019

In addition to good taste, the right choice of wedding dress is determined by your complexion. There is no style that would suit all brides.

You have small breasts and want to use it. How? Find out now.

There are many dress cuts that will emphasize the beauty of your chest.

Small breasts: the basic rules for choosing a neckline

The fact that you have small breasts does not mean that you are just not feminine enough. Quite the contrary. Moreover, with small breasts, you can wear almost any of the most daring outfits, and at the same time not look vulgar.

With small breasts, you have the widest selection of suitable dress cuts.

You can balance your silhouette by adding volume to your bust with feathers, pleats, and ruffles on your neckline, or wear a push-up bra to enhance your roundness.

Свадебное платье CarmellaСвадебное платье Madison

The deep V-neckline is very suitable for thin brides, it will draw attention to the chest and their thinness will not be so noticeable.

Свадебное платье TeresaСвадебное платье Ada

And on the contrary, you can divert attention from the chest and switch it to other parts of your body: to the shoulders with the bustier, to the back with an open back décoleté up to the buttocks, to the arms with thin straps. Or to the slim silhouette with a high collar.

Neckline for each style

Do you dream of a fabulous ball gown or vice versa of a vintage one. Be sure there are no contraindications due to the small breasts. It is only necessary for each style to choose the right neckline.

You dream only of a princess gown with a bustier. In no case choose a direct neckline, which will be difficult for you to fill. Better opt for a sweetheart neckline that will easily round your shapes.

A boat neckline with short sleeves is a great alternative to a bustier for girls with subtle shoulders.

Empire-style dresses with a high waist look best on brides with small breasts. In addition, the bust can be decorated with all kinds of lace and ruffles.

If you really like dresses with straps, they must certainly be very thin to emphasize the airiness of your silhouette. A pleated neckline is perfect for you.

If you want a loose sleeveless dress, you will discover the whole set of deep necklines.

For autumn or winter weddings you are looking for a dress with long sleeves. Then the neckline illusion is perfect for you.

Although with a sweetheart neckline you will look very good too.

A high collar will accentuate your royal posture.

There is no need for a big chest to demonstrate your sensuality.

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