Wedding dress train pin

Wedding dress train pin

Date: Nov 18, 2019

You want a wedding dress with a stunning train. But how to move in it after the most solemn part of the ceremony? A train pin will help you!

With it, you can pin the end of the train to the dress and get complete freedom of movement. If the length of your train is more than 3 meters, you can not do without a train pin.

Why do you need a train pin?

A beautiful and magnificent train will cause universal admiration during the wedding ceremony. But when you need to meet guests, get in and out of the car, just go somewhere or participate in games and entertainments, such a train can become a burden. To avoid this and not to stain your magnificent train, a small decorative train pin will help you lift it and you will not need to hold it in your hands all day.

At the same time, you can easily unhook the train, to once again cause admiration during the opening of the wedding ball, or to take stunning photographs. And fold it again when you need to relax a bit.

A beautiful hairpin will come in handy more than once after the wedding. Like a brooch on a jacket or a key chain for a bag. It can be used to decorate casual wear and with evening dresses.

Types of train pins

These are usually large safety pins or safety pins over 5 cm long. Silver or gold plated will add sophistication to your wedding outfit.

There are train pins decorated with sparkles or pearls, even precious stones. More fancy hair clips can also be embellished with feathers or fabric flowers to match your wedding style.

You can choose a hairpin for the train in accordance with the hair clips to unify your style.

Where to hook: attachment point

The first way is to thread a train pin into the hem at the end of the train, then attach it to the waist of the skirt or to the grommet or lacing hook. 

Most modern dresses with a train have a special ribbon or loop sewn at the right height, specially designed for this purpose. In this case, your sales assistant during the fitting should show how to properly pin the train. Be careful, pin it up so as not to tear lace or tulle.

Collect the pinned  train in folds, or vice versa, straighten it so that it looks beautiful.

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