Pearl Fashion Group invites partners for cooperation all over the world. We offer them a personal promotional code that they can communicate to our potential customers. When ordering a dress with this PROMO CODE, customers receive a 5% discount. And 5% of the client's order is transfered by Pearl Fashion Group to the account of our partner, the owner of the promotional code. As a result, everyone wins: customers get a discount on our dresses, partners get 5% of the order amount, Pearl Fashion Group finds new customers.


Our partners can be any individuals:

• photographers

• hairdressers

• makeup artists

• stylists 

Also enterprises involved in the organization and maintenance of weddings:

• wedding agencies

• event agencies




Wedding dress salons

Wedding dress salons, our partners, receive a 10% discount on the order amount











Wholesale purchases

Our partners receive a special discount of 15% on wholesale purchases of dresses. The minimum number

of dresses in the wholesale purchase — 3 items. They may be different models.